My Blog Debut and KC Fringe Festival, 2021

I'm so excited about this year's KC Virtual Fringe Festival and my new blog. It has been such a difficult time for so many. I am so grateful to be here and to have the love and support of so many who have encouraged me to be my truest self in the world. In my upcoming fringe show, "Dreams and Memories," I share stories from my life and original fairy tales for grown-ups. My show begins with a story about how books and libraries have guided the course of my life and helped me survive a difficult childhood. My second story is about recovering memories and healing from trauma. My show also includes two fairy tales. One of them is my own original version of a story that is thought to be hundreds and thousands of years old. My final story is my own original fairy tale about a woman named Rose and a fox. My show celebrates the love and power within each of us to create our own destiny. The KC Virtual Fringe Festival runs July 18 through August 1. Tickets are on sale now.  I